Light Your Next Lantern: The Superabound Book Course

Light Your Next Lantern: The Superabound Book Course

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Get the companion course to Superabound and start climbing the mountain of your Vision today.

Most people are stuck in the "goal swamp" in some way—either working on things that aren't their true desire or in a rut with their own dreams. 

If this is you—even sometimes—then Light Your Next Lantern: The Superabound Book Course will give you the clarity and momentum you need to get unstuck.

The course will help you:

  • Reach your milestones faster and with less stress
  • Reduce the drama that distracts so many leaders and business owners
  • Stay focused on your own journey rather than seeking praise and validation from others
  • Tend your inner flame so you can arrive at your destination without burning out from the effort

Your Coaches

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We're Erin Aquin and Steve Haase, Master Certified Life Coaches and co-founders of Superabound Coaching, and we created this course to help you live according to your vision and light the lanterns that are important to you in your work and life.

Order the Course and Get

  • 7 guided modules, released weekly, to help you create new habits of superabundance in your thinking and your life
  • Daily prompts for reflection and journaling to keep you aligned with your Vision and your next lantern
  • Access to Erin and Steve along with a community of inspiring people, to provide smart accountability and focus

It's one thing to buy a book and let it collect dust, or even to get inspired for a few hours. 

It's another thing entirely to turn that energy into a new way of living and working—one that is aligned with your Vision and makes lighting your next lantern inevitable.

Get the Course Now

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