Meeting Your Younger Self - Meditation

Meeting Your Younger Self - Meditation

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Connect with your inner child and tap into your youthful energy with "Meeting Your Younger Self - Meditation", hosted by Master Coach and meditation teacher Erin Aquin and 7 year old Audrey.

This guided meditation helps you to discover the playful, innocent, and magical part of yourself.

Unlock your wildest wishes and create positive energy with a dose of magic by meeting your younger self in this meditation.

Level: Beginner to advanced
Meditation type: Guided Visualization

We will be donating 100% of proceeds from all purchases of this meditation between now and Aug 30, 2023 to wildfire relief in Canada and Maui via the Canadian Red Cross

More details about the meditation
What you need to practice:
A comfortable place to sit in a quiet environment. Download the audio file to your phone or computer and follow along. It is suggested to have a pen and paper nearby so your can write down any ideas that come from this meditation

How often to repeat this practice:
If you are working on accessing a sense of your younger self to invite more play and fun into your life you may wish to revisit this practice weekly. Otherwise do this meditation anytime you want to get in touch with your most creative and youthful self.

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